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Revision history for Perl extension Date-Formatter.
0.10.1 Wed. Septmember 4, 2013
- fix versioning in dist.ini
0.10 Wed. Septmember 4, 2013
- update DateTime::Locale method calls to quiet down warnings.
- convert to dist zilla
0.09 Thurs. May 17, 2007
- get rid of some annoying test failures which
are caused by Test::More upgrades, they were
totally harmless, but I am getting sick of
typing `force install ...` in the CPAN prompt
all the time ;)
0.08 Fri Aug 26 2005
- Added localization support via DateTime::Locale
0.07 Tues Nov 30 2004
- forgot to add the new test to the MANIFEST
- forgot to add the date to the Changes file
0.06 Tues Nov 30 2004
- added the options to set a date from the
constructor which uses Time::Local::timelocal()
to construct the new date
- added Time::Local as a dependency
- added requirement of minimum of perl 5.6.0
0.05 Thurs Nov 18 2004
- now using Scalar::Util::blessed() instead of
the convoluted UNIVERSAL::isa() stuff.
- added Scalar::Util as a dependency
- added pod.t and pod_coverage.t
0.04 Sun May 2 2004
- Tests for time based modules are touchy. Another test was
failing because I again made an assumption that did not
pan out. Hopefully this will fix it now.
0.03 Tues April 14, 2004
- The first test was failing, it was not due to an error
in the module, but instead an error in the tests. I was
calculating the number of hours till a certain time, so
I would maniplate certain blocks of code and test them.
My test calculations were flawed, so it was not correctly
setting the hours for the test.
0.02 Tues April 13, 2004
- the documentation was a little wonky, so I cleaned it up
nothing much else was changed though.
0.01 Mon Apr 12 23:59:09 2004
- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
-X -n Date-Formatter