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Revision history for Perl extension mop
0.03 2014-02-09
- Number of core improvements
made, such as:
- custom opcode to handle
invocant naming
- improved attribute caching
- apply_metarole added
- several new tests added
- improved error handling
- improved twigil parsing
- some minor optimization
for unused attributes
- syntax highlighters added
- vim
- Textmate
- emacs
- some doc fixes and other release
engineering nonsense as well
0.02 2013-10-25
- second TRIAL release to CPAN
- All but one dependency removed, the
only one left is Devel::CallParser,
which we hope can be pushed into
the Perl core.
- Much of the internals have now been
re-written in XS
0.01 2013-10-15
- first TRAIL release to CPAN
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