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NOTE: Primary development has moved over to GitLab: If you're reading this on GitHub, then note that this repo is a mirror which can sometimes be slightly out of date.

ResumeFodder is an application for generating Microsoft Word resumes from JSON Resume data files.

This repository contains the command-line front end that compiles to a standalone executable to run on your local machine. There are three other related git repositories:

  • ResumeFodder - the core functionality for parsing JSON Resume data and processing templates.

  • ResumeFodder-appengine - A web application front end, for using ResumeFodder online without having to install any software. Currently running live on Google App Engine at:

  • ResumeFodder-templates - All of the Go templates available to ResumeFodder. This repository is imported into all of the others a git submodule.

Copyright 2016 Steve Perkins

MIT License

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