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NOTE: Primary development has moved over to GitLab: https://gitlab.com/steve-perkins/ResumeFodder-templates. If you're reading this on GitHub, then note that this repo is a mirror which can sometimes be slightly out of date.

ResumeFodder is an application for generating Microsoft Word resumes from JSON Resume data files.


This repository contains all of the Go templates available to ResumeFodder. This repository is imported into all of the others a git submodule. There are three other related git repositories:

  • ResumeFodder - the core functionality for parsing JSON Resume data and processing templates.

  • ResumeFodder-cli - A command-line front end that compiles to a standalone executable to run on your local machine.

  • ResumeFodder-appengine - A web application front end, for using ResumeFodder online without having to install any software. Currently running live on Google App Engine at: https://resumefodder.com.

Copyright 2016 Steve Perkins

MIT License