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A Homebridge plugin for devices running on the Magic Home Wi-Fi system.

The plugin includes and uses a slightly modified version of flux_led.py.


First, install the plugin globally.

npm install -g homebridge-magichome

Next, add a new accessory to your Homebridge config.json. You can add as many Magic Home-based accessories as you like in the following format:

"accessories": [
       "accessory": "MagicHome",
       "name": "LED Strip",
       "ip": "",
       "setup": "RGBWW",
       "purewhite": false

The setup option is RGBW by default which is likely the setting you'll want. Some devices require RGBWW or RGB to work correctly.

The purewhite option should be included for lights with a dedicated white LED. This is likely only the case for bulbs and is therefore set to false by default.

Compatible Devices

Any devices created by Zengge and running on the Magic Home Wi-Fi (or other apps by the same developer such as LED Magic Color) app should work with this plugin. Some examples of compatible devices are:

Ticked devices have been confirmed to work by me or someone else.

Please let me know if you find any other compatible devices.