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💬 A UI framework for building messenger interfaces on iOS
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MessengerKit for iOS

License: MIT


MessengerKit is a drop-in UI for messenger interfaces on iOS built in Swift. Centred around a single UIViewController, MessengerKit is themeable to fit your needs and includes a number of powerful features:

  • UICollectionView based with pre-loading and caching of size calculation for bubbles.
  • Auto-growing input view.
  • Multiple included cell types: text, large-emoji, image, video.
  • Presentation of SFSafariViewController
  • Built-in, customisable themes.
  • A custom theming system to bring your own UICollectionViewCells, headers, footers, and input views.
  • Avatar support (currently only in the travamigos theme).

The framework was built for and is used in production at Travamigos.


MessengerKit Examples



MessengerKit requires Swift 4.2 and iOS 10.0 or later.


Drag the contents of the MessengerKit folder into your Xcode Project.


Add the following to your project's Podfile.

pod 'MessengerKit', :git => ''


MessengerKit was written by @steve228uk for Travamigos and is available under the MIT license.

It makes use of KeyboardUtility by @JunyuKuang.

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