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Build a GraphQL API with Node, ApolloServer and MongoDB, with a React Client that performs all four CRUD operations.
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This application goes along with the Build a GraphQL CRUD application with Node and React - 2 part tutorial series.

Part 1: Build a GraphQL API with Node.js and Apollo-Server Tutorial can be read at:

Part 2: Build a React app with GraphQL Tutorial can be read at:

Similarly there are two parts to this app:

  1. The API uses Node with the Express web framework, Apollo-Server as the GraphQL Server and GraphQL as the query language. It uses MongoDB and the Mongoose.js ORM as it's database. To use this app you need to connect your own MongoDB in the server.js file.

To install the API's dependencies run:

npm install

  1. The Client is built with React.js and is contained in the client folder. It was generated with create-react-app. It uses Apollo Client for interacting with the GraphQL API.

To install the client packages from the client directory run:

yarn install

To run the app in your development environment run:

npm run dev

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