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@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ definitions we've got, our times are $\tau \ln 2$; we're not going to worry
about that. So what is $RC$? $R$ can vary by orders of magnitude. But
typically they're designed so that very roughly, you get something like 1
k$\Omega$ (on the order of this; maybe tens, but not much more). $C$ is on
-the order of $1 \text{ fF}/\micro \mathrm{m} (W_n + W_p)$.
+the order of $1 \text{ fF}/\mu \mathrm{m} (W_n + W_p)$.
So if I've got a 22nm process, and the n-channel device is ten times that
wide, and p-channel device is five times, this number might be something

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