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As of 2017-01-12 Guava 21 was released which brings Java 8 support to the library. That removes the need for Guavate. Please upgrade to Guava 21

This is a single jar dependency for Guavate written by Stephen Colebourne and included as part of Strata under the Apache 2 License. Guavate code is Copyright (C) 2014 - present by OpenGamma Inc. and the OpenGamma group of companies.

In order to be able to use Guavate simply from many of my projects without depending on Strata, I have released it here as a simple tiny library (and added a few of my own additions).

Getting Started

To use this library with some Maven compatible dependency management tool, use


or in gradle compile 'com.github.steveash.guavate:guavate:1.0.0'

This depends on

  • Guava v19 (though 18 should work as well)
  • Apache Commons Lang3 v3.4 (though any lang3 version will work; just for the Pair type)

Example Usage

There are Collector implementations for each of the Immutable collections:

List<String> inputs = Lists.newArrayList("a", "b", "c");
ImmutableSet<String> outputs =
    .filter(it -> !it.startsWith("b"))
// outputs is an immutable set of "a" and "c"

There are also some convenient methods for collecting to maps from Map.Entry (and Common-Lang3's Pair as it implements Entry):

Map<String, Integer> inputs = ImmutableMap.of("bob", 1, "jon", 2, "mary", 3);
Map<String,Integer> outputs = inputs.entrySet().stream()
    .map(e -> Pair.of(e.getKey().toUpperCase(), e.getValue()))
// outputs is a map of BOB:1, JON:2, MARY:3

Converting an arbitrary iterable into a stream (which should've been in the JDK to begin with):

Iterable<String> values = // ...
Stream<String> streamVals =;

and converting an Optional into a stream of zero or one element:

Optional<String> maybe = // ...
Stream<String> stream =;


Tiny library to bridge Guava with Java 8




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