Library for rapid prototyping of terminal UIs
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This repo contains a collection of crates relating to rendering grids of characters. Cells in the grid have characters, foreground and background colours, and attributes bold and underline.

  • prototty defines some types and traits which allow you to describe how a type should be rendered to a grid of characters. It also defines an input type.
  • prototty-common is a collection of common user interface element types and corresponding views so they may be rendered with prototty.
  • prototty-unix is a prototty frontend for unix (ansi) terminals. It can render views to a unix terminal, and get input from the terminal, normalized to prototty's input type.
  • prototty-glutin is a prototty frontend for opengl. It can create a window, render views to that window, and get input from the window, normalized to prototty's input type.
  • prototty-wasm is a prototty frontend for web assembly. It renders views into memory in a format which can be easily unpacked in javascript, and contains functions for normalizing javascript key codes and key mods into prototty's input type. It's intended to be used with prototty-terminal-js - a javascript library for unpacking the output of prototty-wasm and drawing it to the screen, and periodically sending input to the wasm program.
  • prototty-grid defines a data structure for storing a grid of cells, and a common cell representation. It's used by the frontend crates in this repo, and would simplify the implementation of any further frontends.
  • prototty-terminal-js is a javascript app harness for the prototty-wasm frontend.