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Non-invasive, non-intrusive Javascript phone number entry helper for Web form inputs.
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Phone It In

A phone number entry helper

Phone It In is a very simple North American phone number data entry helper for HTML forms written in JavaScript. The idea is to provide useful assistance without getting in the way and without any kind of excessive cleverness that will be likely to break in new or untested browsers.

Many other phone number data entry helpers act as in-place templates, enforcing format with every character typed and automatically filling in parentheses and dashes. It is very hard to implement this reliably, and at the same time, it can break users' expectations of what they should be able to do with an input on a form, such as paste in a value.

This helper takes a different approach and opens a helper next to the input that dynamically shows what the formatted phone number will look like, whether there are any problems, and whether entry is complete. Upon leaving the input, the value is re-formatted to standard.


Partial Entry

Complete Entry

Pre-formatted w/ Leading Spaces

Entry With Extra Digit

Entry With Invalid Character

Note that this code currently relies on features only present in up-to-date modern browsers.

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