The MML source for my first original song.
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This was my first song, which I originally recorded in early 2008 using YMCK's Magical 8bit Plug plugin for GarageBand. Here I've converted it to MML, which MCK compiles to create an NSF music file for an authentic NES sound.

You can listen to the song at the Ruins Everything site.

Why is the tempo at 180bpm when it doesn't sound nearly that fast? And why the heck are there so many dotted notes? Well, this was originally composed at 120bpm, but the song is pretty reliant on triplets, which are impossible to do perfectly in 4/4 time with MML. So, this song is actually set to 12/8 time, which allows for good-sounding triplets. In short, each dotted note would normally be undotted at 120bpm, and the undotted notes here are the triplets. See this post by deadspatula at the Mabinogi Guru Forums for more information.

I owe big, huge thanks to Shaun Inman for this. I learned everything I know about MML from him, specifically from his articles "An MML Bundle for TextMate" and "MML Bundle & Multi-song NSF". This was compiled using his TextMate MML bundle.

Also extremely helpful were the "MCK/MML Beginners Guide" by Nullsleep for learning about volume envelopes, duty cycles, etc. and how to code MML for NSF, and the "NSFE (NSF-extra) thread, tutorial, discussion, etc." thread at for learning how to convert NSF to NSFE for including additional track information, both found via the above Shaun Inman articles.