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A match-three puzzle / Space Invaders fan fiction game made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 27.
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INSTIGATION is a match-three puzzle game and Space Invaders fan fiction. Find out why they invaded Earth!


  • Left and right arrows: move left or right
  • Z: shift the blocks in your column up by 1 (or hold the down arrow and press Z to shift down)
  • X: lift the block you're standing on, press again to set it down

OBJECTIVE: Match the trash blocks sent by the humans to stay alive as long as possible. Falling blocks will stun you if you're hit. A horizontal bar of blocks will fall every 10 seconds, so watch out! If any blocks are sitting above the dotted line it's Game Over.

Good luck and thanks for playing!

Game programmed with Flixel -

Audio programmed with Shaun Inman's TextMate MML Bundle -

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