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A silly toy Node app where you input a World of Warcraft realm name and character name, which then displays that character's avatar in an Andy Warhol pop art style with CSS color filters. This was done to learn more about building applications with Node and Express, and to try making something with the API. I would link to an example but this isn't publicly hosted anywhere since I don't have a place to host Node apps yet.

A lot of this was learned from the excellent book Web Development with Node & Express by Ethan Brown.


Andy WoWhol input screen

Andy WoWhol output screen


If you want to run this locally you'll need to register for a API account and make an application. The app expects there to be a credentials.js file in the base directory with the application's API key and secret, which should look like this:

module.exports = {
    battlenet: {
        consumerKey: "",
        consumerSecret: ""

Once you've added that with your key and secret, and assuming you already have Node installed, navigate to the base directory with a command line interface and do this:

npm install
node andy-wowhol.js

This will run the application locally. For the best visuals, install the Futura PT font family locally with Typekit.

Legal Disclaimer

Blizzard is the source of the data, but Blizzard is not endorsing and is not affiliated with this application. This application is consistent with Blizzard's Privacy Policy. Data is provided to players on an "as is" basis consistent with the disclaimers in Section 7. This application does not collect, use, store or disclose any player's personal information or data in any manner that violates applicable laws, rules or regulations. This application does not collect, use or store any player's personal information. This application does not collect, store or otherwise intercept a player's password.


Loads a World of Warcraft character avatar from Blizzard's API and renders it in a pop art style.




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