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An example of a web app built with Express, for self-education.


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HTML Reference Web Application

An example of a web application built with Express, for self-education. This is a front-end client for html-reference-api. I didn't have a clever idea this time like with Andy WoWhol so instead, this is a list of HTML elements for reference. You can add, edit, and delete elements from the list, and all that's stored and displayed for each element is a name and a description.



Add a New Element


This expects there to be an API running on http://localhost:3000 (which is what html-reference-api runs on by default), so to use this, that should be running first.

Once you've done that, and assuming you already have Node installed, navigate to the base directory with a command line interface and do this:

npm install
node html-reference-webapp.js


There is still a lot that could be done to optimize things here. The error handling could probably be handled in a more optimal way, there's a lot of repetition in the htmlReferenceApi module, the router could be separated out from the main app file, etc.

Also I took this as an opportunity to try out some different tech, so instead of Jade/Pug, this uses Handlebars, and this also uses Tachyons for styles. There are actually no new classes in here at all; everything is done with default Tachyons styles. I'm not sure how I feel about this style yet (there is also a ton of repetition here in the way the classes are currently declared in the templates) but it's definitely something to think about.


An example of a web app built with Express, for self-education.







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