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Pixel Art Scrapbook

A prototype of an application for cataloguing pixel art that inspires you, for reference when you make your own. It uses Ember for MVC, Node + Express for a simple RESTful API and MongoDB for the database. There are two three versions here: "front-end-only" is just a demo of the interface with the back-end functionality removed, as seen on my portfolio site. You can make changes but nothing is stored. "full-functionality" is the full version but you'll need to run a local Node server to use it. The most recent version, "desktop", is a desktop application built with TideSDK. For now it's the same as the web versions but this is the one I'm going to build on. To give it a try, get the TideSDK Developer app, hit the Import Project button, and select the desktop/build directory to open the project. Note that this application is pre-release software with local file access, so use at your own risk.

I learned most of what I needed to make this from the Building an Ember.js Application screencast and from Creating a REST API using Node.js, Express, and MongoDB by Christophe Coenraets.

This app has been a sort of playground for new technologies that I've wanted to try out, so I'm also using Grunt here which is fantastic. In both versions of the app, I use 'grunt watch' to watch for changes to the Sass files and then immediately compile to uncompressed CSS, and the default 'grunt' is a build script that will minify the HTML and images, compile the compressed CSS, lint first-party JavaScript with JSHint, concatenate all JavaScript into a single file, and then minify that file with UglifyJS.


A prototype of a web application for cataloguing pixel art that inspires you, for reference when you make your own.







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