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@@ -2,14 +2,79 @@ Beatseqr - a hardware interface for working with visuals and music software.
2009 - 2010 Steve Cooley
-Roxor - a app to handle serial data communication and OSC communication with external applications
+Steppa - a Max/MSP app that handles sequencing MIDI data from messages sent from the rest of the beatseqr tool chain.
+Version updates:
+ v0.62 steve cooley
+ * just added a display of the midi note numbers. Just a sanity check more than anything.
+ v0.61 steve cooley
+ * midi channel selection is assignable via OSC messages. You can now select which midi channel you want each voice to go to via the voice faders on beatseqr
+ v0.6a derek scott
+ * ???
+ * midi channel selection is broken out per-voice
+ v0.51 steve cooley
+ * moved version history to this sub patcher. now it can get as big as it wants.
+ * broke the cc message paths into smaller pieces (ccsub1, ccsub2, ccsub3)
+ * added some documentation to the cc subs too
+ * the steppa logo is busted... :-\ scroll down for concepts. Could even make the lights light up with the step number! :D
+ v0.50 derek scott
+ * rebuilt clock engine
+ * added MIDI sync out
+ * added click track sync (thanks, Mark Pauley!)
+ v0.40 derek scott
+ * consolidated dependency patches into sub-patches within Steppa
+ v0.39 steve cooley
+ * changed the OSC namespace to be prefixed with /beatseqr ... look in stepcomm if you need to change that
+ * overhauled the rosco-row system to the roxor_row system
+ * moved all velocity and midi note num processing to stepcomm
+ v0.38 steve cooley
+ * converting the incoming OSC velocity values into max senders so you can pick them up in other patches...
+ * giving in to "snap to grid" and OCD. Ahh.
+ v0.37 steve cooley
+ * another bug fix in pitchout in rosco-row2
+ * I'm now resending the midinotenum1-8 values once they're parsed from the incoming OSC values so you could pick that up in other max patches
+ v0.36 steve cooley
+ * minor bug fix
+ v0.35 steve cooley
+ * added the "from steppa" midi output port
+ * added the "current beat" indicators under the play button
+ * added the "pitchout" senders so you can pick up the sequenced data from elsewhere in a max patch
+ * added senders for the three midi CC banks
+ * added a label for the "midi port" drop down selector
+ * added this release note
+ v0.01 through v 0.34 derek scott
+ * basically rocks it.
+Roxor - a app to handle serial data communication and OSC communication with external applications.
Note: You will need several libraries in order to compile:
* oscP5 and netP5 by Andreas Schlegel
* controlP5 by Andreas Schlegel
Version updates:
+ roxor version 2.10 2011-06-03 steve cooley
+ * yes, I'm officially breaking the single digit sub-version number paradigm, sorry.
+ * tweaked some parameters for the beatseqr board I'm using. This obviously won't pertain to your board, so I'm going to have to figure out how to look for a customized configuration file. There's no doubt in my mind that I need to sort this out moving forward.
+ * added fast setup buttons for my specific tools of choice. The way it works is that I've put some buttons on the screen that I can click on to configure the midi channels and note numbers for the tools I'm using. You could reprogram the macro buttons I've made to suit your setup pretty easily.
+ roxor version 2.9 2011-??-?? steve cooley
+ * demo mode ?
roxor version 2.8 2010-08-26 steve cooley
* significantly revamped the OSC namespace for velocity, note number, and CC values.
* added the ability to handle the new parameter record functionality on the beatseqr version 4.x boards.
@@ -39,6 +104,13 @@ Thanks to Alexander Brevig and Mikal Hart for their library contributions to the
Version updates:
+ Beatseqr Firmware Version 4.3 - 2011-06-03 steve cooley
+ * octave adjust for knob modes
+ * midi channel select for faders
+ Beatseqr Firmware Version 4.2 - 2011-??-?? steve cooley
+ * demo mode?
Beatseqr Firmware Version 4.1 - 2010-10-13 Steve Cooley
* refactored "solo" voice button mode to be "toggle" mode.
* using "T" to represent the "toggle" voice button mode on the LCD screen.

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