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Control the Everlights permanent Christmas lights with this little PHP app. I was going to split it out into the class and the app, but honestly, I'm just too lazy. It's a tiny program, and I wanted to be able to move it around easily.

I'll gladly accept pull requests if someone feels the urge to separate out the class, app, and config.


It accepts one argument, which is either "off" or one of the defined sequences.


The app talks to the control box on UDP port 8080. It sends one character commands (all uppercase letters) with parameters afterward. The parameters are sent as 2 hex characters (in ASCII). For example, the number 1 is always sent as 01. I don't know why they don't send them as single binaries.


  • O: O01 turns on, and O00 turns off
  • P: Choose a pattern.
    • The patterns are as follows:
      1. 00 No pattern
      2. 01 Blink
      3. 02 Chase left
      4. 03 Chase right
      5. 04 Fade
      6. 05 Strobe
      7. 06 Twinkle
      8. 07 Random
    • You can choose multiple patterns, just send separate commands for them. Sending 00 will always reset it to no pattern.
    • To turn off one pattern (when you have multiple patterns going), send it with 8 instead of 0 as the first character.
  • S: Pattern speed, from 00 to ff
  • I: Pattern brightness (intensity?), from 00 to ff
  • U: Change one light in the sequence. Takes two parameters, first the light number (00 to ff) in the sequence, then a 6-character color (in GGRRBB hex format)
  • C: Change the whole sequence. First parameter is the length, from 00 to ff. This is followed by 6-character colors for each light in the sequence.


  • For some reason, the colors are given in GRB order instead of the standard RGB
  • The blue lights are way brighter than the red and green, so to get a decent white, the blue needs to be about a third of the red and green values


Control the Everlights permanent Christmas lights




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