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Running the suite

Since the notifier must run on many versions of Rails, running its test suite is slightly different than you may be used to.

You should start by trusting the .rvmrc file. We come in peace.

Then execute the following command:

rake vendor_test_gems
# NOT: bundle exec rake vendor_test_gems

This command will download the various versions of Rails and other gems that the notifier must be tested against.

Then, to start the suite, run

# NOT: bundle exec rake

Finally, this test suite runs against many rails versions. If you prefer to run it against specific version hit

rake cucumber:rails:<VERSION>

You can also specify to test only against the certain frameworks we support (rack, rake and sinatra) by executing

rake cucumber:<FRAMEWORK>

This tasks are not printed out with rake -T since they're added dynamically in the Rakefile.

For Maintainers

When developing the Airbrake gem, be sure to use the integration test against an existing project on staging before pushing to master.

./script/integration_test.rb <test project's api key> <staging server hostname>

./script/integration_test.rb <test project's api key> <staging server hostname> secure