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// Future.h
// ActorKit
// Created by Steve Dekorte on 20110830.
// Copyright 2011 Steve Dekorte. BSD licensed.
#import "Mutex.h"
@interface FutureProxy : NSProxy
// these use the "future" prefix/suffix to avoid name collision with proxy target
id futureActor;
NSInvocation *futureInvocation;
id futureValue;
id nextFuture;
BOOL done;
NSMutableSet *futureWaitingThreads;
NSException *futureException;
Mutex *futureLock;
// these are all private
@property (assign, nonatomic) id futureActor;
@property (retain, nonatomic) NSInvocation *futureInvocation;
@property (retain, nonatomic) id futureValue;
@property (retain, nonatomic) id nextFuture;
@property (retain, nonatomic) NSMutableSet *futureWaitingThreads;
@property (retain, nonatomic) NSException *futureException;
@property (retain, nonatomic) Mutex *futureLock;
- (void)futureAppend:(FutureProxy *)aFuture;
- (void)futureSend;
- (void)setFutureResult:(id)anObject;
- futureResult;
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