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//metadoc VorbisBlock copyright Chris Double, 2004
//metadoc VorbisBlock license BSD revised
//metadoc VorbisBlock category Video
/*metadoc VorbisBlock description
A wrapper around the libvorbis vorbis_comment object.
#include "IoVorbisBlock.h"
#include "IoVorbisDspState.h"
#include "IoOggPacket.h"
#include "IoState.h"
#include "IoNumber.h"
#include "IoSeq.h"
#include <vorbis/codec.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <assert.h>
#define DATA(self) ((vorbis_block*)(IoObject_dataPointer(self)))
static const char *protoId = "VorbisBlock";
IoObject *IoMessage_locals_vorbisBlockArgAt_(IoMessage *self, IoObject *locals, int n)
IoObject* v = IoMessage_locals_valueArgAt_(self, locals, n);
if (!ISVORBISBLOCK(v)) IoMessage_locals_numberArgAt_errorForType_(self, locals, n, protoId);
return v;
IoTag *IoVorbisBlock_newTag(void *state)
IoTag *tag = IoTag_newWithName_(protoId);
IoTag_state_(tag, state);
IoTag_freeFunc_(tag, (IoTagFreeFunc *)IoVorbisBlock_free);
IoTag_cloneFunc_(tag, (IoTagCloneFunc *)IoVorbisBlock_rawClone);
return tag;
IoVorbisBlock *IoVorbisBlock_proto(void *state)
IoVorbisBlock *self = IoObject_new(state);
IoObject_tag_(self, IoVorbisBlock_newTag(state));
vorbis_block* data = calloc(1, sizeof(vorbis_block));
IoObject_setDataPointer_(self, data);
IoState_registerProtoWithId_(state, self, protoId);
IoMethodTable methodTable[] = {
{"setup", IoVorbisBlock_setup},
{"synthesis", IoVorbisBlock_synthesis},
IoObject_addMethodTable_(self, methodTable);
return self;
IoVorbisBlock *IoVorbisBlock_rawClone(IoVorbisBlock *proto)
IoObject *self = IoObject_rawClonePrimitive(proto);
vorbis_block* data = calloc(1, sizeof(vorbis_block));
IoObject_setDataPointer_(self, data);
return self;
IoVorbisBlock *IoVorbisBlock_new(void *state)
IoObject *proto = IoState_protoWithId_(state, protoId);
return IOCLONE(proto);
void IoVorbisBlock_free(IoVorbisBlock *self)
/* ----------------------------------------------------------- */
IoObject *IoVorbisBlock_setup(IoVorbisDspState *self, IoObject *locals, IoMessage *m)
/*doc VorbisBlock setup
Initialize for decoding using the information obtained
from reading the Vorbis headers.
IoVorbisDspState *dsp = IoMessage_locals_vorbisDspStateArgAt_(m, locals, 0);
int ret = vorbis_block_init(((vorbis_dsp_state*)(IoObject_dataPointer(dsp))), DATA(self));
IOASSERT(ret == 0, "vorbis_synthesis_init returned non-zero value");
return self;
IoObject *IoVorbisBlock_synthesis(IoVorbisDspState *self, IoObject *locals, IoMessage *m)
/*doc VorbisBlock synthesis(packet)
Decode the vorbis data from the packet, storing it in the
IoOggPacket *packet = IoMessage_locals_oggPacketArgAt_(m, locals, 0);
int ret = vorbis_synthesis(DATA(self), ((ogg_packet*)(IoObject_dataPointer(packet))));
return IONUMBER(ret);
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