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Core(Date): export IoDate "constructors" on Windows

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1 parent d72fb72 commit 9d6405f178d1bde11ba13c31cf4ac7064bdc5339 @omf omf committed Mar 27, 2011
Showing with 8 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +4 −4 libs/iovm/source/IoDate.c
  2. +4 −4 libs/iovm/source/IoDate.h
@@ -100,27 +100,27 @@ IoDate *IoDate_rawClone(IoDate *proto)
return self;
-IoDate *IoDate_new(void *state)
+IOVM_API IoDate *IoDate_new(void *state)
IoDate *proto = IoState_protoWithInitFunction_((IoState *)state, IoDate_proto);
return IOCLONE(proto);
-IoDate *IoDate_newWithTime_(void *state, time_t t)
+IOVM_API IoDate *IoDate_newWithTime_(void *state, time_t t)
IoDate *self = IoDate_new(state);
Date_fromTime_(DATA(self), t);
return self;
-IoDate *IoDate_newWithTimeval_(void *state, struct timeval tv)
+IOVM_API IoDate *IoDate_newWithTimeval_(void *state, struct timeval tv)
IoDate *self = IoDate_new(state);
DATA(self)->tv = tv;
return self;
-IoDate *IoDate_newWithLocalTime_(void *state, struct tm *t)
+IOVM_API IoDate *IoDate_newWithLocalTime_(void *state, struct tm *t)
IoDate *self = IoDate_new(state);
Date_fromLocalTime_(DATA(self), t);
@@ -20,10 +20,10 @@ extern "C" {
typedef IoObject IoDate;
IoDate *IoDate_proto(void *state);
-IoDate *IoDate_new(void *state);
-IoDate *IoDate_newWithTime_(void *state, time_t t);
-IoDate *IoDate_newWithLocalTime_(void *state, struct tm *t);
-IoDate *IoDate_newWithTimeval_(void *state, struct timeval tv);
+IOVM_API IoDate *IoDate_new(void *state);
+IOVM_API IoDate *IoDate_newWithTime_(void *state, time_t t);
+IOVM_API IoDate *IoDate_newWithLocalTime_(void *state, struct tm *t);
+IOVM_API IoDate *IoDate_newWithTimeval_(void *state, struct timeval tv);
IoDate *IoDate_rawClone(IoDate *self);
void IoDate_free(IoDate *self);
int IoDate_compare(IoDate *self, IoDate *other);

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