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fix for addon loading when protos file not present

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1 parent a32b417 commit f99e044cd00152471dc13355af730950506bd2b4 Stephen Dekorte committed May 10, 2010
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@@ -101,7 +101,7 @@ AddonLoader := Object clone do(
//doc Addon addons Looks for all addons which can be found and returns them as a list of Addon objects. Caches the result the first time it is called.
addons := method(
searchFolders := searchPaths map(path, Directory with(path)) select(exists)
- addonFolders := searchFolders map(directories) flatten select(isAccessible) select(fileNames contains("protos"))
+ addonFolders := searchFolders map(directories) flatten //select(isAccessible) select(v, v fileNames contains("protos") or v fileNames contains(""))
//writeln("addonFolders = ", addonFolders map
self addons := addonFolders map(f, Addon clone setRootPath(f path pathComponent) setName(f path lastPathComponent))

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