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ghost commented Jul 25, 2011

This is a system to allow the convenient handling of coros.
It adresses a problem where stopping and resuming a coroutine by directly accessing it would fail, because it has produced a child and is not actually running.
This is the case for calling on the actorCoroutine while the actor is executing a method, when the coroutine is currently in exception handling code or when the stack of a coro has become to large.

Usage is as follows.

o := Object clone

o l := method(
    j := 1
        writeln("object: " .. j)
        if( j%2==0, "object will pause now\n" print;pause) //will access the actorCoro offspring implicitly through currentCoroutine
        j = j + 1

run := method(
    o @@l

        writeln("i: " .. i)
        if(i==2, o actorCoroutine recentInChain resumeLater; "\nobject should resume now\n" print) //here its resumed explicitly

    return nil

@ghost ghost closed this Apr 30, 2012
@ghost ghost reopened this Jun 10, 2012

thanks for the request but github says it can't automerge - could you fix this and make another request? Thanks

MrMormon commented Feb 1, 2016

I guess not.


I'd welcome anyone else's attempt at a automerge-able patch. I'd do it myself but I have limited time these day.

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