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pl.test now exports test.complain, useful for custom tests

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1 parent ba40a1d commit 369d695b366465c4466e04a0b01832549959861d @stevedonovan committed Jun 7, 2012
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@@ -36,6 +36,13 @@ local function complain (x,y,msg)
utils.quit(1,msg or "these values were not equal")
+--- general test complain message.
+-- Useful for composing new test functions (see tests/tablex.lua for an example)
+-- @param x a value
+-- @param y value to compare first value against
+-- @param msg message
+test.complain = complain
--- like assert, except takes two arguments that must be equal and can be tables.
-- If they are plain tables, it will use tablex.deepcompare.
-- @param x any value
@@ -60,6 +67,9 @@ function test.assertmatch (s1,s2)
+--- assert that the function raises a particular error.
+-- @param fn a table of the form {function,arg1,...}
+-- @param e a string to match the error against
function test.assertraise(fn,e)
local ok, err = pcall(unpack(fn))
if not err or err:match(e)==nil then

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