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lua tests borked because text of errors changes between Lua versions
.luacov Add coverage gathering
test-animal.lua Thijs doc updates, plus 'catch' can be called with a colon to avoid c…
test-args.lua updated strict module, new import_into and updated init. Still failin…
test-array.lua array2.move added
test-class.lua Merge pull request #78 from Tieske/get_class
test-compare-no-order.lua B
test-comprehension.lua utils.(get)setfenv always defined; no longer sets global versions for…
test-config.lua Add option to convert booleans in config files
test-data.lua in csv mode, empty fields considered zero. data.write: …
test-date.lua issue #93: Date tostring is suitable for serialization
test-dir.lua test-dir failing on Linux due to different behaviour of tmpname. Use …
test-fenv.lua Added test for the change
test-func.lua Passes Lua 5.3 tests: do NOT use ipairs to iterate if __index is over…
test-import_into.lua updated strict module, new import_into and updated init. Still failin…
test-job-query.lua B
test-klass.lua pl.class can be used more conveniently from Moonscript
test-lapp.lua Fix option name used instead of option value in lapp
test-lexer.lua Properly remove first newline from long strings
test-list.lua refactoring - 5.1/5.2 compatibility functions moved into pl.compat
test-map.lua B
test-move.lua B
test-path.lua Fix normpath
test-pretty-number.lua added test for making pretty numbers
test-pretty.lua Fix failing on 'function' within strings
test-pylib.lua Fix for consistency with python
test-relpath.lua added path.relpath
test-seq.lua PL passes tests with no-compat Lua 5.2; utils.unpack exported, now al…
test-set.lua Fix error in OrderedMap.set when key is a method name
test-sip.lua Fix space compressing in pl.sip
test-strict.lua Fix pl.strict: assigning nil to a global declares it
test-stringio.lua ISO 8601 seconds, minutes and hours start at _zero_! stringio was ski…
test-stringx.lua Fix stringx.quote_string when string end matches ']=*'
test-substitute.lua Fix pl.template error for large templates
test-super.lua class super method was borked; now hunts for first available default …
test-tablex.lua issue #57: 'false' misunderstood as meaning 'not present'
test-text.lua fix text.indent - issue #36, Ross Berteig
test-types.lua pl.types: is_... predicates and type broken for non-table arguments
test-tzone.lua issue #93: Date tostring is suitable for serialization
test-url.lua Add Python style url module for quote and unquote.
test-vector.lua Pull #91: move is_XXX and to_bool into pl.types
test-xml.lua issue #125: DOCTYPE ignored in xml documents as well Add coverage gathering
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