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UnderC Command-line Options (available with --help)
ucc <options> { <source file> }
Defaults to interactive mode if there's no source file specified;
reads C++ definitions from defs.h, looking first in current directory
and then in the UnderC home directory.
-H <path> Override UC_HOME
-I <path> Add an include path
-D <M>=<V> Add a preprocessor macro
-r <path> Run in specified directory
-T If a typedef is available for a complex type, use it in any error
-i Force interactive mode, even if there is a source file specified
-W Suppress linker warnings
-R Switch on array checking on builtin arrays and vector<>
-P Switch on pointer checking
-F Attempt to optimize by inlining one-instruction functions
-v Version
--help This text
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