luar is a Go package for conveniently working with the luago Lua bindings. Arbitrary Go functions can be registered

Luar: Lua reflection bindings for Go

Luar is designed to make using Lua from Go more convenient. Go structs, slices and maps can be automatically converted to Lua tables and vice-versa. The resulting conversion can either be a copy or a proxy. In the latter case, any change made to the result will reflect on the source.

Any Go function can be made available to Lua scripts, without having to write C-style wrappers.

Luar support cyclic structures (map[string]interface{}, lists, etc.).

User-defined types can be made available to Lua as well: their exported methods can be called and usual operations such as indexing or arithmetic can be performed.

See the documentation for usage instructions and examples.


Install with

go get <repo>/luar

Luar uses Alessandro Arzilli's golua. See golua's homepage for further installation details.


An example REPL is available in the cmd folder.

Luar v2

The v1 API suffers from several design issues: The GoToLua and LuaToGo functions take a reflect.Type parameter, which is bad design. Sadly changing this would break backward compatibility.

The v2 rewrite fixes the design issues, usability and other bugs. Overall it greatly simplifies the API.

Check it out in the v2 branch of this repository.