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Microsoft Dynamics GP Transaction Search
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Updated 6/30/2018 - v2.0.0.0

Microsoft Dynamics GP Transaction Search

GP Transaction Search is a Visual Studio Tools AddIn for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Web site: GP Transaction Search

Overview: Dynamics GP Land Blog Post by Steve Endow

Background: GPUG Open Forum Post

Developed in Visual Studio 2017

You will need VS 2017 Version 15.5.7 or higher to login to Git - See Bug Report Here

Supported Dynamics GP Versions: 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018

How You Can Help!

We currently need assistance with the following items:

  1. We need help from an experienced Dex developer to figure out how to open the POP Inquiry Invoice Entry window for drill down to Purchase Orders. Visual Studio Tools is unable to open the POP Inquiry Invoice Entry window directly, and that window does not have an OpenWindow.Invoke method exposed by the VST SDK. The only remaining option I am aware of is Continuum, but I will need help creating the SanScript to try and open the window. If you know Dex and Continuum and are able help navigate the San Script we will need, this is the call that I believe I need to make via Continuum:

     OpenWindow() of form POP_Inquiry_Invoice_Entry', 0, "RCT1107", 2, 3, 1

Project Dependencies

.NET 4.5.2

GPSQLConnection.dll - Included with the project files and compiled releases. This is a simple wrapper for GPConnNet developed by Steve Endow to avoid including GPConnNet license keys in open source code

NEW in v2.0: Visual Studio Integration Toolkit by Wintrhop Dexterity Consultants: This is free, but requires basic registration after install

Dynamics GP 2013 - 2018 client application

Project Questions

Contact Steve Endow via the Precipio Services web site - Contact Us Page


We'll need to figure that out. But here's the Open Code of Conduct for the project.

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