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Trylon ReadMe

What Is Trylon?

Trylon is a computer language.  Code in it looks like a cross between Python
and Smalltalk -- indentation is significant, expressions are like Smalltalk
(but with operator precedence).  It is object-oriented and garbage collected
and it compiles down to binaries via C.

What Does It Look Like?

Hello world:

	trylon hello-world

	main: arguments
		send: "Hello world!"

Or, using a new class:

	trylon hello-world

	class Halloer
			send: "Hello!"
	main: arguments
		halloer = Halloer new
		halloer say-it


You must have the Boehm-Demers-Wieser garbage collector installed as "libgc".
This has different package names on different distributions, such as "boehm-gc"
(Gentoo), "libgc-dev" (Debian/Ubuntu, or so I'm told), "boehmgc" (MacPorts), or
simply "gc" (Fink).

You won't be able to build Trylon from the 'master' branch of Git repository.
You must start with the tarball: <>; or
from the 'with-c-sources' branch of the Git repository.

To install Trylon from the tarball, do this:

	make install

The "make install" will install /usr/bin/trylon and /usr/lib/trylon.  If you
want to install it elsewhere, you can use PREFIX:

	make PREFIX=/opt install

The Trylon compiler will look for its library in a few standard places
(/usr/lib, /usr/local/lib, /opt/lib, even $HOME/trylon), but if install it
somewhere else, you will need to set the $TRYLON_LIBRARY environment variable
to tell it where it is.


The Trylon web site is at <>.  You can contact me by
email at "".