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README.TXT CAINav: Documentation and test updates for v0.4. May 8, 2012

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Project Archive

This project is no longer being maintained. It has been transferred here from Google Code for archival purposes only.

If you wish to continue development on your own fork there are two areas that will need attention. The version of Recast Navigation used by CAINav is significantly out-of-date and will require API changes as part of the upgrade. If you'll be using the Unity3D integration, Unity 5.x obsoletes a lot of API's from 4.x and earlier. Expect some necessary changes, especially in the Unity Editor components.


Home | Documentation | Downloads | .NET and Unity Pro

CAINav is a navigation system for use with both .NET and Unity Pro on Windows. It includes navigation mesh generation, pathfinding, and local steering features.

Supports Unity Pro version 3.4+.

Polygon Mesh Generation:

Example PolyMesh


(A view from within Feature Explorer)

Example Path Corridor