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Beta 1: (Initial release)
* Trace output needs to not dump the objects
* Trace needs to output OP file name
* If compiling dynamic imports need to be handled differently.
* What about deploying after compile?
Beta 2: (Language feature additions)
* @accessor(OPTIONS) - @property - @synthesize :
* @"blah" parses to instant a MKString
* @<int> or @<float> becomes a MKNumber
* add @inteface syntax support?
* Variable argument length methods (method:param ...)
Beta 3: (Framework Feature Additions)
* MKLog %@ for [obj description]
* KVC and observers
* Archiving (Coding) - For encode/decode/save/restore objects see __set_state() and var_export§
* Optimise compile (remove unused methods etc)
* deploy command for objphp (compile, optimize, remove debug info)
Beta 4: (Framework Feature Additions)
* pList parsing
* Bundles
* translation / (i18n / l10n)
Version 1:
* Create better command line parser
* ivars can be declared in a single line but accessors will not apply to all : `int a, b @accessors;
will only generate get/set methods for b.
* in import $rel (relative) is a bit counter intuitive . if rel is true then we load the
file relative to the working directory, else its in Moka. But it could mean rel to Moka.
Rename it to something like relativeToWorkingDirectory
* the runtime global is DANGEROUS N STUPID, FIX ME
* [$objphp doPlugin:$cmd withParameters:array_slice($args, array_search('0', array_keys($args)))]; DOESNT PARSE!
* When something cant be delivered exception doesnt cause fail. (at least from runtime import)
* $this Points To PreProcessor Object when Not Compliled. Code is preprocessed by the PreProcessor. The resulting PHP is eval'd in the
method `run()` in the PreProcessor. This however means that `$this` is defined
and points to the PreProcessor object. This is only true in 'root level' code, ie code not in any
method or function. In compiled code this will not be the case and $this will not be defined.
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