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Slanger 0.3.1 cli does not work #58

robertjpayne opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Running on Ubuntu 12.0.4 LTS Slanger's default install from RubyGems does not work.

It always prompts saying --app_key is not specified.

I think the root problem is around %w.each do |parameter| your entire validation check seems to be bad and slanger always will prematurely exit because the parameters are always hit.

Can provide more details if I'm the only one experiencing this for now I've monkey patched an older version into my install

@stevegraham stevegraham closed this issue from a commit
@stevegraham fix #58 8349a96

that's not the problem. the options were not being parsed before this check.


Ok yeah figured it was something like that, I'm not the best at ruby just wanted to bring it up before more people encountered as it prevented running the service.



thanks for submitting the issue. i've pushed a new gem with the fix too.

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