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Professional Development for Professional Developers

The best and worst part about our chosen vocation is that there's an endless amount of stuff to see, learn, and try and nowhere near enough time in which to do it. In an industry where "the new hotness" changes every week, what hope does a developer have of keeping up?

This talk focuses on the professional development of a professional developer. How do we continue to grow as professionals without getting totally overwhelmed with information? We'll touch on the topics of stress, education, humility, and more.

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Presentation History


This talk is loosely-based on a series of blog posts I wrote for Buckeye Interactive in 2013, though I've recently rewritten the series as an article for php[architect] magazine, published in the June 2016 issue.

Photo credits

Many of the photos used as backgrounds in this slide come from Unsplash, which offers Creative Commons Zero-licensed art, but I'm a huge fan of credit where credit is due: