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Slides for "Up to my Eyeballs in Technical Debt!"

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Up to my Eyeballs in Technical Debt!

Every decision we make in our projects has the potential to increase or reduce technical debt. While the only way to completely eliminate the debt is to never write any code, there are steps that we as engineers, project managers, and project stakeholders can take to mitigate our risk.

This talk covers the concept of technical debt, its potential to devastate projects, and red flags that project teams can look for to reduce its impact before it spirals out of control.

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  • PHPStan - Popular static code analysis tool led by Ondřej Mirtes
  • Phan - Static code analysis tool from Etsy
  • Psalm - Static code analysis tool from Vimeo
  • PHP_CodeSniffer - Popular library for checking (and fixing) coding standards
  • PHP Coding Standards Fixer - Coding standards checks and fixes from our friends at Symfony
  • Rector - Tool that uses nikic/php-parser to construct an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) for automated refactoring

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