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Suggestion: insert into user-edit form as well #1

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function wp_password_generator_load() {
if( basename( $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] ) == 'user-new.php' || basename( $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] ) == 'user-edit.php' ) {

seems to work OK..


I'm hesitant to add this as, without modification, WordPress doesn't email a user when their password has been modified by an administrator. If the admin resets a user's password but doesn't manually email the user that user will have to perform a password reset; it would be more direct for an admin to simply initiate the password reset on behalf of the user.

If you can make a strong use case for it I'd be happy to look into it further, but right now I can't see a good case for implementing on the user edit screen.


In the use case it came to my attention, a user registers for membership but is assigned a password as part of the approval process, so the admin is always modifying the accounts and setting passwords then. A cover letter with other details, including the password, is sent separately.

A second case is, well, the password fields are on the modification screen in the same way they are on the add user screen. What does it matter if email is sent or not? You already handily provide a way to reveal what the generated password is, so the admin can use it out-of-band if they choose. QED :-)

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