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Deprecated - Airbrake now natively supports Pivotal Tracker
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Airbrake now natively supports Pivotal Tracker, but not for Heroku users.

Heroku Users

To get it working with Heroku, the integration is a two step process.

  • Adding exceptions as "bug" stories in Pivotal Tracker
    • Use the instructions below (not those from the link above)
  • Getting updates from Pivotal Tracker in your Airbrake errors
    • Follow the instructions from the link above.


  1. Grab a copy of the source

    git clone git://
  2. Create a Heroku app

    heroku create myapp
  3. Your airbrake username is from eg

    heroku config:add AIRBRAKE_USERNAME=acme
  4. This is your user auth token, not the project auth token, which doesn't work. From eg

    heroku config:add AIRBRAKE_AUTH_TOKEN=3d1040234ed4c1340293c58db80b27b559473c81
  5. You can leave the requestor blank, if you like.

    heroku config:add AIRBRAKE_REQUESTOR="John Smith"
  6. Your project ID is from eg

    heroku config:add AIRBRAKE_PROJECT_ID=12345
  7. Pick a username for Pivotal to use

    heroku config:add HTTP_BASIC_USERNAME=pivotal
  8. Pick a password for Pivotal to use

    heroku config:add HTTP_BASIC_PASSWORD=password
  9. Deploy to Heroku

    git push heroku master
  10. Test you're getting XML back

  11. Add the integration to Pivotal. From the "Configure Integrations" page, add an "Other" integration.

  12. From the "More" menu of Pivotal Tracker you should see "Airbrake"

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