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@@ -14,36 +14,6 @@ The fetching and parsing logic have been decoupled so that either of them can be
14 14
15 15 The final feature of Feedzirra is the ability to define custom parsing classes. In truth, Feedzirra could be used to parse much more than feeds. Microformats, page scraping, and almost anything else are fair game.
16 16
17   -=== Installation
18   -
19   -For now Feedzirra exists only on github. It also has a few gem requirements that are only on github. Before you start you need to have libcurl[link:] and libxml[link:] installed. If you're on Leopard you have both. Otherwise, you'll need to grab them. Once you've got those libraries, these are the gems that get used: nokogiri, pauldix-sax-machine, taf2-curb (note that this is a fork that lives on github and not the Ruby Forge version of curb), and pauldix-feedzirra. The feedzirra gemspec has all the dependencies so you should be able to get up and running with the standard github gem install routine:
20   -
21   - gem sources -a # if you haven't already
22   - gem install pauldix-feedzirra
23   -
24   -*NOTE:*Some people have been reporting a few issues related to installation. First, the Ruby Forge version of curb is not what you want. It will not work. Nor will the curl-multi gem that lives on Ruby Forge. You have to get the taf2-curb[link:] fork installed.
25   -
26   -If you see this error when doing a require:
27   -
28   - /Library/Ruby/Site/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:31:in `gem_original_require': no such file to load -- curb_core (LoadError)
29   -
30   -It means that the taf2-curb gem didn't build correctly. To resolve this you can do a git clone git:// then run rake gem in the curb directory, then sudo gem install pkg/curb- After that you should be good.
31   -
32   -If you see something like this when trying to run it:
33   -
34   - NoMethodError: undefined method `on_success' for #<Curl::Easy:0x1182724>
35   - from ./lib/feedzirra/feed.rb:88:in `add_url_to_multi'
36   -
37   -This means that you are requiring curl-multi or the Ruby Forge version of Curb somewhere. You can't use those and need to get the taf2 version up and running.
38   -
39   -If you're on Debian or Ubuntu and getting errors while trying to install the taf2-curb gem, it could be because you don't have the latest version of libcurl installed. Do this to fix:
40   -
41   - sudo apt-get install libcurl4-gnutls-dev
42   -
43   -Another problem could be if you are running Mac Ports and you have libcurl installed through there. You need to uninstall it for curb to work! The version in Mac Ports is old and doesn't play nice with curb. If you're running Leopard, you can just uninstall and you should be golden. If you're on an older version of OS X, you'll then need to {download curl}[] and build from source. Then you'll have to install the taf2-curb gem again. You might have to perform the step above.
44   -
45   -If you're still having issues, please let me know on the mailing list. Also, {Todd Fisher (taf2)}[link:] is working on fixing the gem install. Please send him a full error report.
46   -
47 17 === Speedup date parsing
48 18
49 19 In MRI the date parsing code is written in ruby and is optimized for readability over speed, to speed up this part you can install the {home_run}[] gem to replace it with an optimized C version.

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