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Really simple csv library


To install csv, use the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package Csv

Basic Usage

More examples can be found in the tests.

Reading a CSV file

// NOTE: Library assumes that the csv data will have a header row by default, see CsvOptions.HeaderMode
# comments are ignored
Column name,Second column,Third column
First cell,second cell,
Second row,second cell,third cell
var csv = File.ReadAllText("sample.csv");
foreach (var line in CsvReader.ReadFromText(csv))
    // Header is handled, each line will contain the actual row data
    var firstCell = line[0];
    var byName = line["Column name"];

CsvReader also supports reading from a TextReader (CsvReader.Read(TextReader, CsvOptions)) or a Stream (CsvReader.ReadFromStream(Stream, CsvOptions))

CsvOptions can be used to configure the csv parsing:

var options = new CsvOptions // Defaults
    RowsToSkip = 0, // Allows skipping of initial rows without csv data
    SkipRow = (row, idx) => string.IsNullOrEmpty(row) || row[0] == '#',
    Separator = '\0', // Autodetects based on first row
    TrimData = false, // Can be used to trim each cell
    Comparer = null, // Can be used for case-insensitive comparison for names
    HeaderMode = HeaderMode.HeaderPresent, // Assumes first row is a header row
    ValidateColumnCount = false, // Checks each row immediately for column count
    ReturnEmptyForMissingColumn = false, // Allows for accessing invalid column names
    Aliases = null, // A collection of alternative column names
    AllowNewLineInEnclosedFieldValues = false, // Respects new line (either \r\n or \n) characters inside field values enclosed in double quotes.
    AllowBackSlashToEscapeQuote = false, // Allows the sequence "\"" to be a valid quoted value (in addition to the standard """")
    AllowSingleQuoteToEncloseFieldValues = false, // Allows the single-quote character to be used to enclose field values
    NewLine = Environment.NewLine // The new line string to use when multiline field values are read (Requires "AllowNewLineInEnclosedFieldValues" to be set to "true" for this to have any effect.)

Writing a CSV file

var columnNames = new [] { "Id", "Name" };
var rows = new [] 
    new [] { "0", "John Doe" },
    new [] { "1", "Jane Doe" }
var csv = CsvWriter.WriteToText(columnNames, rows, ',');
File.WriteAllText("people.csv", csv);
Writes the following to the file:

0,John Doe
1,Jane Doe

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