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This is the repo for my personal blog. It was moved from Rails to Middleman in Dec 2016.

To build

To build for deployment:

$ make build

To run the development server:

$ make start

To deploy to S3 (require .s3_sync file with credentials):

$ make deploy

See Makefile for other tasks.

Post front-matter options

  • title: the title
  • date: not required since the date is in the post filename. Can be provided with a time to specify order if multiple posts are on the same day
  • tags: tags for the post
  • excerpt: text that is displayed when posts are listed and also in the post meta description. If not provided, READMORE can be inserted in a post to provide the excerpt cutoff point.
  • published: if set to false, the post is only built in development mode (this is a Middleman Blog feature)
  • draft: prevents post from showing on the post listing page and XML feed but is still accessible by direct link. It is best to give the post an old date so it doesn't affect the post count on the pages it is filtered from. This is a custom feature