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Some Python identities to help understand the interpreter.

This Jupyter Notebook began as a lightning talk to the PyData London group on 5 July, 2016.

It explains by example various equivalences in the language that will hopefully give the reader some insight into the operation of the interpreter. The HTML version retains outputs to make it easier to read. The notebook itself has no outputs, so it can be presented as an interactive slide show with executable code cells.

I'll be very happy to accept pull requests that expand or enlarge on the current material, and issues where the content is incorrect, misleading or suboptimal.

Presenting as Slides

The RISE notebook extension lets you present the notebook as slides, and the cells are correctly organised for a meaningful presentation. You can add the necessary extension to your Python environment with

pip install rise

Restarting the Jupyter notebook server should give you access to the slide presentation features.

Note that Github's notebook viewer does not display the slide settings.

Steve Holden 26 Feb, 2020


Some Python identities to help understand the interpreter



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