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#ifndef ACC_USER_H
#define ACC_USER_H
* Copyright (c) 2002-2014 Stephen Williams (
* This source code is free software; you can redistribute it
* and/or modify it in source code form under the terms of the GNU
* General Public License as published by the Free Software
* Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option)
* any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
* This header file contains the definitions and declarations needed
* by an Icarus Verilog user using acc_ routines.
* NOTE: Icarus Verilog does not support acc_ routines. This is just a
* stub. The functions that are implemented here are actually
* implemented using VPI routines.
#ifdef __cplusplus
# define EXTERN_C_START extern "C" {
# define EXTERN_C_END }
# define EXTERN_C_END
# define bool int
# include "_pli_types.h"
* This is a declaration of the "handle" type that is compatible with
* the vpiHandle from vpi_user.h. The libveriuser library implements
* the acc handle type as a vpiHandle, to prevent useless indirection.
typedef struct __vpiHandle *handle;
#define accModule 20
#define accScope 21
#define accNet 25
#define accReg 30
#define accIntegerParam 200
#define accRealParam 202
#define accStringParam 204
#define accParameter 220
#define accTopModule 224
#define accModuleInstance 226
#define accWire 260
#define accNamedEvent 280
#define accIntegerVar 281
#define accRealVar 282
#define accTimeVar 283
#define accIntVar accIntegerVar
#define accScalar 300
#define accVector 302
#define accUnknown 412
#define accConstant 600
/* type VALUES FOR t_setval_delay STRUCTURE */
#define accNoDelay 0
#define accInertialDelay 1
#define accTransportDelay 2
#define accPureTransportDelay 3
#define accForceFlag 4
#define accReleaseFlag 5
/* type VALUES FOR t_setval_value STRUCTURE */
#define accBinStrVal 1
#define accOctStrVal 2
#define accDecStrVal 3
#define accHexStrVal 4
#define accScalarVal 5
#define accIntVal 6
#define accRealVal 7
#define accStringVal 8
#define accVectorVal 9
/* Scalar values */
#define acc0 0
#define acc1 1
#define accX 2
#define accZ 3
/* type VALUES FOR t_acc_time STRUCTURE */
#define accTime 1
#define accSimTime 2
#define accRealTime 3
/* reason codes */
#define logic_value_change 1
#define strength_value_change 2
#define real_value_change 3
#define vector_value_change 4
#define event_value_change 5
#define integer_value_change 6
#define time_value_change 7
#define sregister_value_change 8
#define vregister_value_change 9
#define realtime_value_change 10
/* VCL strength values */
#define vclSupply 7
#define vclStrong 6
#define vclPull 5
#define vclLarge 4
#define vclWeak 3
#define vclMedium 2
#define vclSmall 1
#define vclHighZ 0
/* Constants used by acc_vcl_add */
#define vcl_verilog_logic 2
#define VCL_VERILOG_LOGIC vcl_verilog_logic
#define vcl_verilog_strength 3
#define VCL_VERILOG_STRENGTH vcl_verilog_strength
typedef struct t_acc_time {
int type;
int low, high;
double real;
} s_acc_time, *p_acc_time;
typedef struct t_setval_delay {
s_acc_time time;
int model;
} s_setval_delay, *p_setval_delay;
typedef struct t_acc_vecval {
int aval;
int bval;
} s_acc_vecval, *p_acc_vecval;
typedef struct t_setval_value {
int format;
union {
int scalar;
int integer;
double real;
p_acc_vecval vector;
} value;
} s_setval_value, *p_setval_value, s_acc_value, *p_acc_value;
typedef struct t_strengths {
PLI_UBYTE8 logic_value;
PLI_UBYTE8 strength1;
PLI_UBYTE8 strength2;
} s_strengths, *p_strengths;
typedef struct t_vc_record {
PLI_INT32 vc_reason;
PLI_INT32 vc_hightime;
PLI_INT32 vc_lowtime;
void* user_data;
union {
PLI_UBYTE8 logic_value;
double real_value;
handle vector_handle;
s_strengths strengths_s;
} out_value;
} s_vc_record, *p_vc_record;
typedef struct t_location {
PLI_INT32 line_no;
const char*filename;
} s_location, *p_location;
extern int acc_error_flag;
extern int acc_initialize(void);
extern void acc_close(void);
* This is the acc_configure command, and the config_param
* codes that are accepted.
extern int acc_configure(PLI_INT32 config_param, const char*value);
#define accEnableArgs 6
#define accDevelopmentVersion 11
extern int acc_fetch_argc(void);
extern char**acc_fetch_argv(void);
extern PLI_INT32 acc_fetch_direction(handle obj);
/* XXXX FIXME: Values returned by acc_fetch_direction */
# define accInout 2
extern char* acc_fetch_fullname(handle obj);
extern int acc_fetch_location(p_location loc, handle obj);
extern char* acc_fetch_name(handle obj);
extern char* acc_fetch_defname(handle obj);
extern double acc_fetch_paramval(handle obj);
extern double acc_fetch_tfarg(PLI_INT32);
extern double acc_fetch_itfarg(PLI_INT32, handle);
extern PLI_INT32 acc_fetch_tfarg_int(PLI_INT32);
extern PLI_INT32 acc_fetch_itfarg_int(PLI_INT32, handle);
extern char* acc_fetch_tfarg_str(PLI_INT32);
extern char* acc_fetch_itfarg_str(PLI_INT32, handle);
typedef struct t_timescale_info {
PLI_INT16 unit;
PLI_INT16 precision;
} s_timescale_info, *p_timescale_info;
extern void acc_fetch_timescale_info(handle obj, p_timescale_info info);
extern PLI_INT32 acc_fetch_size(handle obj);
extern PLI_INT32 acc_fetch_type(handle obj);
extern PLI_INT32 acc_fetch_fulltype(handle obj);
extern PLI_INT32 acc_fetch_paramtype(handle obj);
extern PLI_INT32 acc_fetch_range(handle object, int *msb, int *lsb);
extern const char* acc_fetch_type_str(PLI_INT32 type);
extern char* acc_fetch_value(handle obj, const char*fmt, s_acc_value*value);
extern handle acc_handle_by_name(const char*name, handle scope);
extern handle acc_handle_hiconn(handle port_ref_handle);
extern handle acc_handle_object(const char*name);
extern handle acc_handle_parent(handle obj);
extern handle acc_handle_scope(handle obj);
extern handle acc_handle_simulated_net(handle net);
extern handle acc_handle_tfarg(int n);
extern handle acc_handle_tfinst(void);
extern PLI_INT32 acc_compare_handles(handle, handle);
extern handle acc_next(PLI_INT32 *, handle, handle);
extern handle acc_next_bit(handle ref, handle bit);
extern handle acc_next_port(handle ref, handle bit);
extern handle acc_next_scope(handle, handle);
extern handle acc_next_topmod(handle prev_topmod);
extern int acc_object_in_typelist(handle object, PLI_INT32*typelist);
extern int acc_object_of_type(handle object, PLI_INT32 type);
extern char*acc_product_version(void);
extern char*acc_set_scope(handle ref, ...);
extern int acc_set_value(handle obj, p_setval_value value,
p_setval_delay delay);
extern void acc_vcl_add(handle obj, PLI_INT32(*consumer)(p_vc_record),
void*data, PLI_INT32 vcl_flag);
extern void acc_vcl_delete(handle obj, PLI_INT32(*consumer)(p_vc_record),
void*data, PLI_INT32 vcl_flag);
extern char* acc_version(void);
#endif /* ACC_USER_H */