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#ifndef __target_H
#define __target_H
* Copyright (c) 1998-1999 Stephen Williams (
* This source code is free software; you can redistribute it
* and/or modify it in source code form under the terms of the GNU
* General Public License as published by the Free Software
* Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option)
* any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA
#if !defined(WINNT)
#ident "$Id: target.h,v 1.15 1999/07/17 19:51:00 steve Exp $"
# include "netlist.h"
class ostream;
* This header file describes the types and constants used to describe
* the possible target output types of the compiler. The backends
* provide one of these in order to tell the previous steps what the
* backend is able to do.
* The backend driver is hooked into the compiler, and given a name,
* by creating an instance of the target structure. The structure has
* the name that the compiler will use to locate the driver, and a
* pointer to a target_t object that is the actual driver.
struct target {
string name;
struct target_t* meth;
* The emit process uses a target_t driver to send the completed
* design to a file. It is up to the driver object to follow along in
* the iteration through the design, generating output as it can.
struct target_t {
virtual ~target_t();
/* Start the design. */
virtual void start_design(ostream&os, const Design*);
/* Output a signal (called for each signal) */
virtual void signal(ostream&os, const NetNet*);
/* Output a memory (called for each memory object) */
virtual void memory(ostream&os, const NetMemory*);
/* Output a defined task. */
virtual void task_def(ostream&, const NetTaskDef*);
/* Output a gate (called for each gate) */
virtual void logic(ostream&os, const NetLogic*);
virtual void bufz(ostream&os, const NetBUFZ*);
virtual void udp(ostream&os, const NetUDP*);
virtual void net_assign(ostream&os, const NetAssign*);
virtual void net_assign_nb(ostream&os, const NetAssignNB*);
virtual void net_const(ostream&os, const NetConst*);
virtual void net_esignal(ostream&os, const NetESignal*);
virtual void net_event(ostream&os, const NetNEvent*);
/* Output a process (called for each process). It is up to the
target to recurse if desired. */
virtual void process(ostream&os, const NetProcTop*);
/* Various kinds of process nodes are dispatched through these. */
virtual void proc_assign(ostream&os, const NetAssign*);
virtual void proc_assign_mem(ostream&os, const NetAssignMem*);
virtual void proc_assign_nb(ostream&os, const NetAssignNB*);
virtual void proc_block(ostream&os, const NetBlock*);
virtual void proc_case(ostream&os, const NetCase*);
virtual void proc_condit(ostream&os, const NetCondit*);
virtual void proc_forever(ostream&os, const NetForever*);
virtual void proc_repeat(ostream&os, const NetRepeat*);
virtual void proc_stask(ostream&os, const NetSTask*);
virtual void proc_utask(ostream&os, const NetUTask*);
virtual void proc_while(ostream&os, const NetWhile*);
virtual void proc_event(ostream&os, const NetPEvent*);
virtual void proc_delay(ostream&os, const NetPDelay*);
/* Done with the design. */
virtual void end_design(ostream&os, const Design*);
/* This class is used by the NetExpr class to help with the scanning
of expressions. */
struct expr_scan_t {
virtual ~expr_scan_t();
virtual void expr_const(const NetEConst*);
virtual void expr_concat(const NetEConcat*);
virtual void expr_ident(const NetEIdent*);
virtual void expr_memory(const NetEMemory*);
virtual void expr_signal(const NetESignal*);
virtual void expr_subsignal(const NetESubSignal*);
virtual void expr_ternary(const NetETernary*);
virtual void expr_unary(const NetEUnary*);
virtual void expr_binary(const NetEBinary*);
/* The emit functions take a design and emit it to the output stream
using the specified target. If the target is given by name, it is
located in the target_table and used. */
extern void emit(ostream&o, const Design*des, const char*type);
/* This function takes a fully qualified verilog name (which may have,
for example, dots in it) and produces a mangled version that can be
used by most any language. */
extern string mangle(const string&str);
/* This is the table of supported output targets. It is a null
terminated array of pointers to targets. */
extern const struct target *target_table[];
* $Log: target.h,v $
* Revision 1.15 1999/07/17 19:51:00 steve
* netlist support for ternary operator.
* Revision 1.14 1999/07/17 03:39:11 steve
* simplified process scan for targets.
* Revision 1.13 1999/07/03 02:12:52 steve
* Elaborate user defined tasks.
* Revision 1.12 1999/06/19 21:06:16 steve
* Elaborate and supprort to vvm the forever
* and repeat statements.
* Revision 1.11 1999/06/09 03:00:06 steve
* Add support for procedural concatenation expression.
* Revision 1.10 1999/06/06 20:45:39 steve
* Add parse and elaboration of non-blocking assignments,
* Replace list<PCase::Item*> with an svector version,
* Add integer support.
* Revision 1.9 1999/05/12 04:03:20 steve
* emit NetAssignMem objects in vvm target.
* Revision 1.8 1999/05/01 02:57:53 steve
* Handle much more complex event expressions.
* Revision 1.7 1999/04/25 00:44:10 steve
* Core handles subsignal expressions.
* Revision 1.6 1999/04/19 01:59:37 steve
* Add memories to the parse and elaboration phases.
* Revision 1.5 1999/02/08 02:49:56 steve
* Turn the NetESignal into a NetNode so
* that it can connect to the netlist.
* Implement the case statement.
* Convince t-vvm to output code for
* the case statement.
* Revision 1.4 1998/12/01 00:42:15 steve
* Elaborate UDP devices,
* Support UDP type attributes, and
* pass those attributes to nodes that
* are instantiated by elaboration,
* Put modules into a map instead of
* a simple list.
* Revision 1.3 1998/11/09 18:55:35 steve
* Add procedural while loops,
* Parse procedural for loops,
* Add procedural wait statements,
* Add constant nodes,
* Add XNOR logic gate,
* Make vvm output look a bit prettier.
* Revision 1.2 1998/11/07 17:05:06 steve
* Handle procedural conditional, and some
* of the conditional expressions.
* Elaborate signals and identifiers differently,
* allowing the netlist to hold signal information.
* Revision 1.1 1998/11/03 23:29:06 steve
* Introduce verilog to CVS.
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