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This file describes the procedure to build and install Icarus Verilog on Mac OS X. I assume that you have experience with Unix and
1) Obtain and install a libdl compatibility library.
If you don't already have /usr/local/lib/libdl.{a,dylib} and /usr/local/include/dlfcn.h, you can obtain the source for a compatibility layer from at least one of two places:
Unpack this tar file and read the README and Makefile. Install the library according to the instructions. Installation in /usr/local is strongly recommended since otherwise autoconf very likely won't be able to find it.
2) Make sure you have a copy of the 'gperf' tool. This does not come with the Mac OS X 10.1 developer tools, so you probably don't. You can check with:
% which gperf
If not found, grab a gperf source package and install it.
3) Configure, build and install the Icarus Verilog sources as normal.
The only change you need to make here is to use a configure command like:
% CC="cc -no-cpp-precomp" ./configure
This assumes you are using 'sh', 'zsh', or 'bash'. If you are using 'csh' or 'tcsh', then you'll want something like:
% setenv CC "cc -no-cpp-precomp"
% ./configure
You can, of course, add other configure options.
4) Done!
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