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/* Command-line: gperf -o -i 1 -C -k 1-3,$ -L C -H keyword_hash -N check_identifier -tT lexor_keyword.gperf */
#include "config.h"
#include "parse_misc.h"
#include "parse.h"
#include <string.h>
#include "lexor_keyword.h"
struct lexor_keyword { const char*name; int tokenType; };
always, K_always
and, K_and
assign, K_assign
begin, K_begin
buf, K_buf
bufif0, K_bufif0
bufif1, K_bufif1
case, K_case
casex, K_casex
casez, K_casez
cmos, K_cmos
deassign, K_deassign
default, K_default
defparam, K_defparam
disable, K_disable
edge, K_edge
else, K_else
end, K_end
endcase, K_endcase
endfunction, K_endfunction
endmodule, K_endmodule
endprimitive, K_endprimitive
endspecify, K_endspecify
endtable, K_endtable
endtask, K_endtask
event, K_event
for, K_for
force, K_force
forever, K_forever
fork, K_fork
function, K_function
highz0, K_highz0
highz1, K_highz1
if, K_if
initial, K_initial
inout, K_inout
input, K_input
integer, K_integer
join, K_join
large, K_large
localparam, K_localparam
macromodule, K_macromodule
medium, K_medium
module, K_module
nand, K_nand
negedge, K_negedge
nmos, K_nmos
nor, K_nor
not, K_not
notif0, K_notif0
notif1, K_notif1
or, K_or
output, K_output
parameter, K_parameter
pmos, K_pmos
posedge, K_posedge
primitive, K_primitive
pull0, K_pull0
pull1, K_pull1
pulldown, K_pulldown
pullup, K_pullup
rcmos, K_rcmos
real, K_real
realtime, K_realtime
reg, K_reg
release, K_release
repeat, K_repeat
rnmos, K_rnmos
rpmos, K_rpmos
rtran, K_rtran
rtranif0, K_rtranif0
rtranif1, K_rtranif1
scalared, K_scalared
signed, K_signed
small, K_small
specify, K_specify
specparam, K_specparam
strong0, K_strong0
strong1, K_strong1
supply0, K_supply0
supply1, K_supply1
table, K_table
task, K_task
time, K_time
tran, K_tran
tranif0, K_tranif0
tranif1, K_tranif1
tri, K_tri
tri0, K_tri0
tri1, K_tri1
triand, K_triand
trior, K_trior
trireg, K_trireg
vectored, K_vectored
wait, K_wait
wand, K_wand
weak0, K_weak0
weak1, K_weak1
while, K_while
wire, K_wire
wor, K_wor
xnor, K_xnor
xor, K_xor
int lexor_keyword_code(const char*str, unsigned nstr)
const struct lexor_keyword*rc = check_identifier(str, nstr);
if (rc == 0)
return rc->tokenType;
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