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// Put this in the Grantlee namespace so that autolinks to classes work without needing a Grantlee:: prefix.
@brief The Grantlee namespace holds all public %Grantlee API.
namespace Grantlee
/** @mainpage The Grantlee Libraries
@section overview Overview
%Grantlee is a Free Software, Open Source set of Qt based libraries used for text processing.
The text template is modelled after the [Django template system](
{% for athlete in athlete_list %}
<li>{{ }}{% if athlete.isCaptain %} (C){% endif %}</li>
{% endfor %}
%Grantlee is covered by the GNU Lesser General Public Licence version 2.1 or, at your option, any later version.
<table class="main_api" >
<tr><th class="library" colspan="3">%Grantlee Templates</th></tr>
<tr><th class="section" >Application API</th><th class="section">%Plugin API</th><th class="section">Guides</th></tr>
- AbstractLocalizer
- AbstractTemplateLoader
- CachingLoaderDecorator
- Context
- Engine
- FileSystemTemplateLoader
- InMemoryTemplateLoader
- OutputStream
- QtLocalizer
- Template
- AbstractNodeFactory
- Exception
- Filter
- FilterExpression
- Node
- NodeList
- Parser
- RenderContext
- SafeString
- TagLibraryInterface
- Variable
- @ref for_themers
- @ref for_app_dev
- @ref builtins
- @ref extension
- @ref examples
- @ref differences_django
- @ref using_and_deploying
- @ref internals
- @ref generic_types_and_templates
- @ref i18n_l10n
- @ref porting_from_qt4
<tr><th class="library" colspan="3">%Grantlee TextDocument</th></tr>
<tr><td colspan="2">
- AbstractMarkupBuilder
- MarkupDirector
- TextHTMLBuilder
- PlainTextMarkupBuilder
- @ref custom_qtextobject
<br />
@dotfile "" "Dependency Graph for Grantlee"
@section start_community Community
The %Grantlee project mailing list is, and the IRC channel is \#grantlee on freenode.
The source repository is located at
- Existing bugs
- File new bug