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Commits on Dec 25, 2012
  1. @catamorphism

    Unfortunately, we can't embed cross-crate tests in the tutorial...

    catamorphism committed far as I know, anyway, so I xfailed this tutorial test.
  2. @catamorphism
  3. @catamorphism
  4. @catamorphism
  5. @cpeterso @catamorphism
  6. @cpeterso @catamorphism
  7. @catamorphism

    Add Jens Nockert to AUTHORS

    catamorphism committed
  8. @catamorphism
  9. @catamorphism

    Add Eric Holmes to AUTHORS

    catamorphism committed
  10. @ejholmes @catamorphism

    Fix example.

    ejholmes committed with catamorphism
  11. @ejholmes @catamorphism

    Fix example.

    ejholmes committed with catamorphism
  12. @tedhorst @catamorphism
  13. @catamorphism
  14. @catamorphism
  15. @thestinger @catamorphism
  16. @graydon @catamorphism
  17. @erickt @catamorphism

    std: modernize net_url

    erickt committed with catamorphism
    This switches over to using structs and send_maps for
    query string parsing.
  18. @erickt @catamorphism
  19. @erickt @catamorphism

    Fix Option::unwrap_err.

    erickt committed with catamorphism
Commits on Dec 23, 2012
  1. @catamorphism

    Merge pull request #4245 from JensNockert/bit-intrinsics

    catamorphism committed
    Add support for bitcount intrinsics Issue #2777
  2. @catamorphism

    Merge pull request #4253 from martindemello/patch-1

    catamorphism committed
    Fix options passed to gpg in cargo init
Commits on Dec 22, 2012
  1. @pcwalton
  2. @martindemello
  3. @pcwalton
Commits on Dec 21, 2012
  1. @jensnockert

    Add support for bitcount intrinsics

    jensnockert committed
    Adds support for the llvm.ctpop, llvm.ctlz and llvm.cttz intrinsics.
  2. @brson

    Ignore some time tests

    brson committed
  3. @brson
  4. @brson
  5. @brson
  6. @brson

    tutorial: Fix broken examples

    brson committed
  7. @brson
  8. @brson

    tutorial: Typo

    brson committed
  9. @brson
  10. @brson
  11. @brson
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