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+Joy's Fold is in the opposite direction from every other functional
+language. I'm trying to determine why that is.
+Joy's fold is defined as a left fold, not a right fold. This means
+that it is not general purpose enough to build the other standard
+functional combinators.
+`fold` in Joy is defined as `swapd step`. Using some rewriting, let's
+see how this expands in a small program that adds some chars together
+into a string.
+`["b" "c" "d"] "a" [concat] fold` (expand `fold`)
+`["b" "c" "d"] "a" [concat] swapd step` (expand `swapd`)
+`[concat] ["b" "c" "d"] "a" step`
+The `step` combinator machinery here peels off elements from the head
+of the array and executes the contents of the quotation. I'm hiding
+the `["b" "c" "d"]` array, it's not not available directly to your
+quotation, rather it's elements are peeled off the head (the left
+side) and put on the stack. the results of concat plus the next
+element are what's on top of the stack for the quotation to work with.
+Back to our rewriting:
+`"b" "a" concat`
+`"ab" "c" concat`
+`"abc" "d" concat`
+the final result left on the stack is `"abcd"`

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