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- Additional transcription systems
- MSP2 (or how do you call that)
- Palladiy (To make things interesting)
- Gwoyueh
- Yale
- Research some rare pinyin syllables : lo, yo ^e, yai
- Get a definitive answer about ong/ueng/weng
- Add a README to the data/ directory with info on sources, contents and purposes
- More tests
- Add remembering of parameters to cgiform example, other examples
The core lib basically does translation on the syllable level. It can handle strings with syllables nicely seperated by spaces. Successive layers should make it possible to convert a sentence with interpunction into a different system. It should be possible to write compound words together in Hanyu, and have the syllables seperated by dashes when converting to WG. For instance:
Wǒ de péngyǒu, shì dàifu. => Wǒ te p`éng-yǔ, shih tài-fu.
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