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Improved bash tests and quoting

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kolbe committed May 19, 2019
1 parent dc23c27 commit abe5d5f91d6fca255fd9afc1f77b99ef22ff919a
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@@ -70,10 +70,10 @@ else
printf "\nRunning in Standard Mode...\n"

if [ ${LE_MODE} == "true" ]; then
if [[ ${LE_MODE} == "true" ]]; then
# Check to see whether LE certificate has changed
printf "\nInspecting current SSL certificate...\n"
if md5sum -c ${LE_LIVE_DIR}/${UNIFI_HOSTNAME}/privkey.pem.md5 &>/dev/null; then
if md5sum -c "${LE_LIVE_DIR}/${UNIFI_HOSTNAME}/privkey.pem.md5" &>/dev/null; then
# MD5 remains unchanged, exit the script
printf "\nCertificate is unchanged, no update is necessary.\n"
exit 0
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ if [ ${LE_MODE} == "true" ]; then

# Verify required files exist
if [ ! -f "${PRIV_KEY}" ] || [ ! -f "${CHAIN_FILE}" ]; then
if [[ ! -f ${PRIV_KEY} ]] || [[ ! -f ${CHAIN_FILE} ]]; then
printf "\nMissing one or more required files. Check your settings.\n"
exit 1
@@ -99,24 +99,24 @@ P12_TEMP=$(mktemp)

# Stop the UniFi Controller
printf "\nStopping UniFi Controller...\n"
service ${UNIFI_SERVICE} stop
service "${UNIFI_SERVICE}" stop

if [ ${LE_MODE} == "true" ]; then
if [[ ${LE_MODE} == "true" ]]; then

# Write a new MD5 checksum based on the updated certificate
printf "\nUpdating certificate MD5 checksum...\n"

md5sum ${PRIV_KEY} > ${LE_LIVE_DIR}/${UNIFI_HOSTNAME}/privkey.pem.md5
md5sum "${PRIV_KEY}" > "${LE_LIVE_DIR}/${UNIFI_HOSTNAME}/privkey.pem.md5"


# Create double-safe keystore backup
if [ -s "${KEYSTORE}.orig" ]; then
if [[ -s "${KEYSTORE}.orig" ]]; then
printf "\nBackup of original keystore exists!\n"
printf "\nCreating non-destructive backup as keystore.bak...\n"
cp "${KEYSTORE}" "${KEYSTORE}.bak"
cp "${KEYSTORE}" "${KEYSTORE}.orig"
printf "\nNo original keystore backup found.\n"
printf "\nCreating backup as keystore.orig...\n"
@@ -125,42 +125,42 @@ fi
printf "\nExporting SSL certificate and key data into temporary PKCS12 file...\n"

#If there is a signed crt we should include this in the export
if [ -f "${SIGNED_CRT}" ]; then
if [[ -f ${SIGNED_CRT} ]]; then
openssl pkcs12 -export \
-in ${CHAIN_FILE} \
-in ${SIGNED_CRT} \
-inkey ${PRIV_KEY} \
-out ${P12_TEMP} -passout pass:${PASSWORD} \
-name ${ALIAS}
-in "${CHAIN_FILE}" \
-in "${SIGNED_CRT}" \
-inkey "${PRIV_KEY}" \
-out "${P12_TEMP}" -passout pass:"${PASSWORD}" \
-name "${ALIAS}"
openssl pkcs12 -export \
-in ${CHAIN_FILE} \
-inkey ${PRIV_KEY} \
-out ${P12_TEMP} -passout pass:${PASSWORD} \
-name ${ALIAS}
-in "${CHAIN_FILE}" \
-inkey "${PRIV_KEY}" \
-out "${P12_TEMP}" -passout pass:"${PASSWORD}" \
-name "${ALIAS}"

# Delete the previous certificate data from keystore to avoid "already exists" message
printf "\nRemoving previous certificate data from UniFi keystore...\n"
keytool -delete -alias ${ALIAS} -keystore ${KEYSTORE} -deststorepass ${PASSWORD}
keytool -delete -alias "${ALIAS}" -keystore "${KEYSTORE}" -deststorepass "${PASSWORD}"

# Import the temp PKCS12 file into the UniFi keystore
printf "\nImporting SSL certificate into UniFi keystore...\n"
keytool -importkeystore \
-srckeystore ${P12_TEMP} -srcstoretype PKCS12 \
-srcstorepass ${PASSWORD} \
-destkeystore ${KEYSTORE} \
-deststorepass ${PASSWORD} \
-destkeypass ${PASSWORD} \
-alias ${ALIAS} -trustcacerts
-srckeystore "${P12_TEMP}" -srcstoretype PKCS12 \
-srcstorepass "${PASSWORD}" \
-destkeystore "${KEYSTORE}" \
-deststorepass "${PASSWORD}" \
-destkeypass "${PASSWORD}" \
-alias "${ALIAS}" -trustcacerts

# Clean up temp files
printf "\nRemoving temporary files...\n"
rm -f ${P12_TEMP}
rm -f "${P12_TEMP}"

# Restart the UniFi Controller to pick up the updated keystore
printf "\nRestarting UniFi Controller to apply new Let's Encrypt SSL certificate...\n"
service ${UNIFI_SERVICE} start
service "${UNIFI_SERVICE}" start

# That's all, folks!
printf "\nDone!\n"

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